Donatella Versace Surgery: A Note to Everyone

Donatella Francesca Versace is well known in the fashion world not only for being a fashion designer, but also for being the CEO of a well-known fashion company. Aside from her mark in the fashion industry, Versace has been the center of interest because of her controversial and eye catching transformation after undergoing several surgeries. As a fashion icon, her looks must be up to date with the fast changing rules in the world. Unlike the success of the surgeries of other celebrities, the result of her surgeries has been a surprise to the world. Hers cannot be considered a success and has been listed as one of the disastrous surgeries.

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery

One of the many cosmetic surgeries she went through is face lifting. As we can see on the result of the said operation, the skin on her face was overly stretched giving it a frozen like texture and look. As we all know she is not the only celebrity to have had plastic surgery but it turned out that she’s one of the evidences that surgery is not always a success. There are factors that have affected the result of the said procedure. One of these is said to be the wrong dosage of the chemical used during the procedure. Another is the compatibility of the surgery chemicals and procedure done to her. There are many factors that should be considered during surgeries like the skin type and age, but the doctors know this before they do the procedure. For Donatella, it seems that luck was not on her side.

Donatella Versace Cosmetic Surgery

Her differently shaped lips are another result of unsuccessful surgery. As an ordinary person will describe it, her lips look like something that has been in a cold room for some time. The goal of making her lips look younger was not achieved. Something wrong might have happened before, during or after the surgery. The reason may also be because of wrong choices made by the fashion icon herself or the way her surgeon did it. The surgeon who made the operations might be the one to blame on the mistakes done in her looks, but Donatella is not the only one who have experienced disastrous plastic surgery results.

It might be a result of not only one surgery mistake. There are many factors that contributed to the failed facial improvement. The reason why she decided to undergo such procedure is her fear of ageing. Some may say that she might have looked better and younger if she did not do anything to alter her face at all.

The result of Donatella Versace’s series of surgeries suggests that altering our physical appearance will not always give us positive results or the look that we want. Natural beauty is still more beautiful than the result of any cosmetic surgery. There are no risks or pain. Ageing is inevitable, so it is best that you accept what you are and what you have than suffer negative consequences.

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How did the Janice Dickinson plastic surgery evolve throughout the years?

janice dickinson before and after plastic surgery

Janice Dickinson’s face has really changed partly due to face lift procedures.

Janice Dickinson is one of the most well-known supermodels in the US and she also is a talent agent, author and photographer. Many consider her to be one of the best models in the 70s and 80s and her career did continue pretty well as a reality TV judge for America’s Next Top Model not to mention that she even created a modeling agency. However, throughout the years people noticed that her appearance started to change while numerous Janice Dickinson plastic surgery rumors started to emerge. Read More

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Lara Flynn Boyle Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Lara Flynn Boyle Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

In the 90s, it would be tough to think of a young actress who could rival Lara Flynn Boyle for overall beauty and screen presence. The starlet broke out in Twin Peaks with a starring role that kept audiences glued to the screen. While she has had a number of notable roles since then, many times her exposure has caused rumors to spread that perhaps she has had surgery.


One possible Lara Flynn Boyle plastic surgery rumor that may be true is that she has had Botox injections. These are extremely popular with both men and women to the point that it hardly seems surprising anymore when you hear about someone having it done.

Boyle’s face doesn’t have as many wrinkles as you might expect to see from a 44-year-old woman and Botox may very well be the reason why. Her face also hasn’t begun to thin down as it often does in people as they age.

Lara Flynn Boyle Plastic Surgery Disaster

Collagen Injections

Another possible operation she may have had done would be to get collagen injections. The result would be much like Botox, except concentrated on her lips In the past, Boyle had thin lips, though she always knew how to work them into a mischievous smile. Recently, however, it seems as though they have become much fuller, which would be exactly what you’d expect from someone who received collagen injections.


It’s also possible that Boyle’s face is benefiting from the results of a facelift. This is another reason why she may not have as many wrinkles as you may expect, especially around her eyes and forehead. When she smiles now, she also doesn’t have the laugh lines most of us start developing in our 20s.

Lara Flynn Boyle Plastic Surgery Before After


She may have also added a browlift to her surgery list at some point. Like facelifts, this operation would help pull the skin back, though it focuses mainly on the brows (obviously) as well as the skin between her eyes. This type of operation keeps the eyelids from dropping down, eliminates crow’s feet and keeps the forehead straight too.

There’s no doubt that Lara Flynn Boyle has always had good genetics. Does this mean she’s simply aging better than the rest of us? It’s either that or she knows a great plastic surgeon.

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Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

Meg Ryan Before & After

Meg Ryan is a respected actress in Hollywood. She has made more than 30 films since she started out in 1981. One of her more notorious roles was When Harry Met Sally, which she starred in with Billy Crystal. Some of her other movie roles include Top Gun and The Presidio, but she really hit her stride as a romantic lead in Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail, both of which she starred in with Tom Hanks.

Ryan became viewed as America’s sweetheart with a “girl next door” image. But, things started cropping up in her personal life that started to tarnish that image. She had an affair with co-star Russell Crowe, and she got divorced from her husband, fellow actor Dennis Quaid, and then more recently, it became clear that she went under the knife.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Photos of Ryan began popping up that were shocking. She began to look fake with puffed up lips and some claim she had a bad facelift. Others feel that she had a brow lift that has given her a permanent shocked look on her face. And yet others attest to the fact that she has had Botox because, at 52, she doesn’t have a wrinkle on her face.

The problem with the work she has had done is that it doesn’t make her look better. Ryan always had such a sweet smile, but at least it was genuine. Now it resembles the Joker from the Batman movie. Many actresses start to have the work done because Hollywood is more forgiving of male actors as they age than female actresses. They will pair up a male actor who is in his 40s or 50s with female actresses who are 10-15 years younger than they are.

That being said, there are still a number of actresses who have either stuck to their guns and continued acting without changing their looks or at least had decent surgical procedures. Diane Keaton remains true to herself and still makes movies regularly without sacrificing her own individual style. As a matter of fact, Keaton became a spokesperson for L’Oreal makeup.

Meg Ryan Facelift

It’s unclear as to whether Meg Ryan was the victim of a plastic surgery gone wrong procedure or just had too many things done to her face and couldn’t stop. It’s sad when a woman considered beautiful by most standards ruins her looks at her own hands. Actually, Ryan always looked like a cute, young girl; now she looks like she is wearing a mask of some kind. It’s actually more distracting than if she just let herself age naturally.

When you view the photo of the fresh-faced Ryan at the beginning of her career, you can clearly see that the changes that she made were not for the better. It’s too bad that so many actresses succumb to the pressure of trying to regain their youth. It’s one thing to look youthful, but there is a point where too much makes it overkill, and the results are the opposite of what the actress intended.

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Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

If you have seen any recent photos of Priscilla Presley, you would be hard-pressed to guess that the actress and former wife of Elvis Presley is very close to being 70. Her before and after photos, however, show that this bombshell chose not to age gracefully. Instead, it is speculated that she has had numerous plastic surgery procedures such as a facelift, Botox injections, cheek injections, and possibly even lip injections in her efforts to defy Mother Nature.


It is obvious that Ms. Presley has had a facelift, simply because she doesn’t look much older than she did back in her Dallas days. In addition to her youthful appearance, there are very few, if any, wrinkles or fine lines evident in her photos. If all of this was not proof enough, one only needs to take a look at her neck to see the truth. While Priscilla’s face is as smooth as can be, her neck still shows the tale tell signs of her age.

Botox or Filler Injections

Another Priscilla Presley rumor is that she has had Botox injections. There is plenty of evidence of this due to the absence of crow’s feet around her eyes, but there are other signs as well. One of the most telling is that Priscilla has little to no movement in her face, making her countenance appear frozen in place.

Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery Before & After

Priscilla Presley Before & After

Cheek Enhancement

Cheek enhancement is certainly not just a rumor, as the lovely lady has confirmed that she had silicone injections in 2003. However, the results of this procedure were certainly not what she was expecting. Shortly after the rather horrifying results of her cheek implants, it came out that the plastic surgeon that Priscilla chose was unlicensed. The silicone that was injected into her face was not medical grade silicone, but industrial grade, which is typically used for the lubrication of automobile parts.

Fortunately, the surgeon was jailed, but that did little to help with the damage already done. Priscilla has mentioned that she sought the assistance of other plastic surgeons in an effort to reverse the damage, but the results were less than spectacular. Today, there are still visible deformities in her cheeks, which is something that will never go away due to the materials used in the original implant procedure.

Lip Injections

In addition to the other surgery rumors, there is also one that includes lip injections as well. When viewing before and after photos, it is possible that Ms. Presley has had some injections done to her lip area, especially the lower lip. This area appears fuller and more pronounced than in her younger years, which is not something that a facelift would accomplish.

Overall, there is no denying that some of the Priscilla Presley plastic surgery rumors are true, especially since the actress has admitted to some of them. Either way, the 69-year-old Priscilla most assuredly does not look the age she is, which is a great testament to plastic surgery.

What do you think of Priscilla’s recent appearance? Does she look natural? Please feel free to leave your comment.

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Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Carrot Top Plastic After Surgery Photo

Carrot Top Before & After

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Story

Celebrities are known for many things – their acting roles, their scandals, their marriages and divorces, and, increasingly, for their plastic surgeries – or, in some cases, their plastic surgery mishaps. Carrot Top is a well-known comedian, known for having performed at a variety of venues throughout the States and for various appearances on television. In addition to these sources of fame and recognition, however, his name has recently been making the rounds in relation to multiple plastic surgeries that he’s received, which many have noted are visible and, unfortunately enough, somewhat unflattering.

Back in the Day

Carrot Top is known for a number of things, chief among them his bright-red hair, self-deprecating humor, and highly developed prop comedy routines. He has been active in comedy circuits since 1989, appearing on shows as wide-ranging as Letterman Tonight to Tosh.0 on Comedy Central. Despite his relatively contemporary dates as a performer, Carrot Top isn’t exactly young – he was born in 1965, making him 49 years old as of 2014 — and, in a profession as dependent upon appearances as is stand-up comedy in such a vainglorious society as modern America is, he, like many, fell victim to the desire to reverse the natural signs of aging with cosmetic surgery.

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before & After

His first encounter with plastic surgery is rumored to have taken place in the mid-90s, not too long after his initial rise to fame. In the beginning, his surgeries were not very noticeable, and indeed, it didn’t become obvious — or even well-known — that he had resorted to such measures to efface the characteristics of aging that inevitably appear over the years until later operations did a better job of making him look older, or at least more artificial, than anything younger.

Since those first bouts of plastic surgery, Carrot Top has been known to have had many, many more operations. Initially, these were aimed at simply making him look younger, more presentable, and better in general, goals all plastic surgeries typically serve at the beginning. Later, however, many of these surgeries are rumored to have been performed for the sake of erasing suboptimal outcomes of previous operations. Given the difficulties in performing plastic surgery in the first place and the compounded difficulty of ‘undoing’ a previous surgery, this had the sole effect of making a point of surgery more and more prominent over the years.

These days, Carrot Top has taken to television and the Internet to discuss his surgeries, in his typically candid manner. Known for self-deprecation, he has cracked jokes here and there about his appearance, and, despite the fact that the plastic surgery is, at this point, relatively obvious, he does indeed look younger than almost-50. If anything, the operation has served to make him more popular, as it gives him more to talk about, and he faces the issues head-on, without the reticence or sensitivity common to so many Hollywood stars these days.

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Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Story

Although it’s never been formally confirmed, Tara Reid’s Before and after pictures make it crystal clear that she has had some work done in order to keep the youthful looks most of us first met in American Pie. While Reid has always been beautiful, many actresses her age still elect to go under the knife as a way of ensuring that doesn’t change. Let’s take a look at some of the procedures Reid may have had done in order to keep her physical appearance from aging.

Tara Reid Worst Plastic Surgery

Tara Reid Boob Job Before & After

Breast Implants

Because the public met Reid at such a young age, it’s possible that her bustline simply grew on its own as she got older. However, if you look at Before and after pictures, this seems extremely unlikely.

Instead, her photos paint a pretty clear picture of a woman who had breast augmentation on a fairly thin frame, making it all the more obvious. On top of that, Reid is a passionate beachgoer, so we have plenty of pictures of her in bikinis that make it clear she had some work done.


Another rumor has been that Reid has work done to keep her tummy tight and flat. Because she’s still young and has always been thin, it’s possible that she’s simply working with good genetics and a nutritionist. However, because of her numerous bikini pics, many professional surgeons have claimed they saw all the hallmarks of liposuction.

Still, this would be an odd choice given her age and frame. Reid still remains small and thin and has never seemed to have an issue showing off her body. Nonetheless, it seems as though she must have decided this was a good idea at some point.

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

The Truth About Her Plastic Surgery

Reid has since come forward and admitted she had work done to help keep her stomach in check. Unfortunately, she also says that a number of things went wrong with the surgery. Today she still dons tiny swimsuits, but some of the marks have become more obvious. While she has mentioned considering going back under the knife to have her stomach redone, she’s also confessed it would be a tough thing to do given her last experience. It’s tough to blame her.

Her breasts, she got done because she believed her nipples were actually uneven or deformed. The resulting augmentation obviously did more than address those issues, as her cup size has clearly increased.

The sad thing is that most would agree an all American beauty like Reid never needed help in the first place. Most women would have killed to look like her when she was first gracing red carpets (to be fair, many would still trade their looks for hers).

So her story serves as a good reminder to not rush into getting work done and only see an experienced surgeon who has a reputation for pushing back when they don’t think surgery is the right thing for you. Otherwise, you could end up in a situation where you regret your results.

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Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before & After

There are many benefits of plastic surgery. Countless people have improved their looks and their self-esteem by undergoing procedures from Botox for wrinkles to breast augmentation.

Celebrities play by different rules than other people. They are constantly in the public eye and constantly worry about their image and appearance. They will often have a much larger tolerance for looking outrageous than the average person, and some celebrities will do almost anything in order to stay in the papers. This sometimes leads to celebrities getting so much plastic surgery that they no longer look even remotely like their former selves, or in some cases, even remotely human.

For regular people, plastic surgery would be considered successful if no one could tell that you had the procedures done. For celebrities, as long as you’re talking about them, they don’t care that much about the reason why. Here are five examples of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong.

Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery Disaster

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Every list of plastic surgery gone wrong begins with poor Jocelyn, the Cat Lady. Heir to a fortune, she tried to change her appearance to look more like a cat, a procedure called canthoplasty. She continued to be addicted to plastic surgeries until her face became barely recognizable as human.

Tara Reid Awful Plastic Surgery

Tara Reid

The beautiful star of American Pie and The Big Lebowski has had so many unsuccessful plastic surgeries that she’s become the poster child for unsuccessful plastic surgery. She underwent breast implant surgery that left her with a bust that looked like it belonged on a 70-year-old-woman, and a disastrous liposuction and tummy tuck that gave her abdomen a deformed, wrinkly appearance. Her unsuccessful procedures have left her almost unemployable in the film industry.

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery

Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace is an Italian fashion designer. She was not born a beautiful woman, but in her quest to change her appearance using plastic surgery, she’s made herself even less attractive. She is known to have had lip injections or implants, cheek implants, and numerous facelifts, all of which are universally judged as failures by the public. She is also famous for having one of the most obvious and unattractive breast augmentations ever.

Tori Spelling Breast Implants

Tori Spelling

Tori was the daughter of one of the richest and most powerful producers in Hollywood, and her connections won her a part in the wildly popular Beverly Hills 90210. She was not a great beauty but had a fresh-faced appeal that made her popular. She began routinely showing up on the list of plastic surgery mishaps after she had a disastrous breast enlargement that looked unnatural and lumpy. She also obviously has had various procedures on her nose, chin, cheeks, and lips that have given her face a vaguely mannish appearance.

Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Before & After

Daryl Hannah

There was a period of time during the 1980s and 1990s when Daryl Hannah was considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and she was linked romantically with dozens of the most eligible bachelors in the world, including John F. Kennedy Junior. In an effort to prolong her appeal as a young, fresh-faced actress, she opted for a series of plastic surgeries on her face, including lip injections, Botox, cheek implants or fillers, an eyebrow lift, and Blepharoplasty on her eyelids. All of the procedures were immediately recognizable, and universally considered failures, and she’s almost unrecognizable as herself, and ironically, she looks older than she actually is instead of younger.

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Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Before & After

The Story Behind Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

There’s no doubt that Michael Jackson’s biography makes for some interesting reading, if not for the many tragic twists and turns involved. One area of his story that many people find interesting is his alleged to have gone under the surgeon’s knife. While he confirmed some surgeries did take place, Jackson always denied the number of procedures most people alleged and that photos from over the years seem to make obvious. While we may never know the whole truth behind Michael Jackson and plastic surgery, we can definitely take a look at the possible story.

What Are Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Procedures?

If we are observing his pictures, it is possible that he has had numerous plastic surgery procedures such as a nose job (Rhinoplasty), cheek implants and skin bleaching as well.

Nose Jobs (Rhinoplasty)

The only part of the Michael Jackson cosmetic enhancement chronicles the singer ever confirmed was his nose jobs. Jackson confessed to having had two of them over the course of his life. However, this was something that people found out about without his confession. Over the years, Jackson’s nose changed radically. Eventually, the result was a much thinner version that turned upwards at the tip.

According to Jackson, however, the augmentation was purely pragmatic and had nothing to do with looks. He said that his new nose gave him better access to oxygen and, thus, made it much easier to hit the high notes—something that would be important for a singer of his stature, but that has never been confirmed as a realistic supposition by any surgeon.

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Pictures

Michael Jackson Before & After

Other Facial Features

While a nose job could be attributed to wanting to improve his singing, other changes would be purely cosmetic. It appears as though Jackson had a cleft put in his chin, for example. He also apparently had cheek implants inserted as well. Again, taking one look at his earlier years shows an almost unrecognizable face.

Skin Color

Much has also been made about Michael Jackson’s skin color. Over the years, it changed radically as well, even more so than his nose. Jackson was African American after all and one look at the rest of his family shows they had a dark brown skin tone, not at all uncommon for that ethnicity.

However, in the mid-80s, Jackson’s skin color began to change. Gradually, it became paler and paler. Eventually, rumors spread that he must be bleaching his skin in order to turn it white. He always denied these rumors, however, and instead insisted that he was the victim of a rare skin condition. While he had been diagnosed with a skin disease called vitiligo, at least one Michael Jackson biographer has claimed this ailment could actually be the result of skin bleaching methods. It may have also been that vitiligo lightened his skin some and his attempts to even out the color with makeup only made matters worse.

We’ll never know for sure how much Michael Jackson plastic surgery rumors are actually true. Sadly, he passed away before much could ever be learned about the famous singer who eventually withdrew from public life. However, many sources close to him have claimed the singer probably received close to a dozen surgeries over the course of two years and always in a clandestine manner.

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Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Hailing from the evangelical sect of stardom, Joyce Meyer plastic surgery has been one of the many things she openly talks about during her sermons. Wanting to have no big secrets from her flock, she has no shame in admitting that she has gone under the knife more than once. While it has earned her a lot of criticism from some in the religious community, most of her followers feel that it makes her easier to relate to.

So what all work has the spirited preacher woman had done?

According to her, she has had work done to her face that she termed “Hollywood plastic surgery”. Without going into details, speculations run rampant as to just what was done. Her misshapen facial features and unsettling appearance could be attributed to one or more of the following procedures.

A facelift is a recurring guess for what was the deforming culprit. Many a star has fallen victim to the procedure that can go horribly wrong when it heals. For a woman in her 70s, it is not surprising that she may have had a facelift at some point to try and beat back the clock a bit. Botox and fillers in excess is another possibility that accounts for her unnatural appearance at times. Using too much of either can result in distorting puffiness and uneven texture that is hard to fix.

Whichever the case, her attempts to slow the hands of time have been marginally successful. She has managed to have a lot fewer wrinkles than most women within 30 years of her age range. However, her somewhat success has also come under a lot of scrutinies. It is not so much that she had work done or that she talks about it openly, it is the conflicting reasons she gives for having plastic surgery done.

For Joyce Meyer, plastic surgery was supposedly a way to look good for Good

In a peculiar turn of events, Joyce Meyer comes under more fire from her Christian followers than entertainment critics over her plastic surgery gone wrong. It’s not for aesthetic reasons; it’s for her supposed reasons. She talks about how she prayed before doing it and how she felt that God wouldn’t love her any less for having it done and in fact it would be a way to look good for him. The irony that many point out is that God’s unconditional love would not require or ask her to change how she looked, which means that she is trying to use her religion and God to somehow cover over the simple truth she was being vain.

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