Maggie Gyllenhaal Plastic Surgery Before & After

Maggie Gyllenhaal Plastic Surgery

Maggie Gyllenhaal has always kept up with sort of a wholesome, girl-next-door image and her track record has always mirrored that persona. The wholesome in Hollywood aren’t free from plastic surgery rumors and that of course includes Gyllenhaal. Through various sources online there have been plenty of talks surrounding Maggie Gyllenhaal plastic surgery. So, what is all the hubbub about? READ MORE

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Fan BingBing Plastic Surgery Before & After

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery

Fan BingBing plastic surgery rumors have become all the rage these days. The Chinese actress has conquered many hearts all over the world, and now people are beginning to suspect that her supernatural beauty may not be “natural” at all! [continue reading…]

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Kpop Plastic Surgery – The Truth About Korean Celebrity

Kpop Plastic Surgery

Korean Pop Stars and Plastic Surgery

If you thought that plastic surgery was solely an American phenomenon centered on rich people in Hollywood, you’d be very wrong. Statistically, South Korean women are four times more likely to have some sort of cosmetic surgery than American women are. In fact, Seoul is sometimes referred to as the plastic surgery capital of the world. The South Korean obsession with cosmetic surgery is incredibly apparent in the Kpop scene. South Korean pop artists are comparing their own beauty to the western idea of beauty. Kpop plastic surgery isn’t limited just to women, quite a few men have also had some form of facial construction done to them. Here are a few procedures becoming increasingly common amongst Kpop artists. Read More

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John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before & After

John Kerry plastic surgery rumors have been alive and well for years now. To many, the former Senator first became a familiar face when he ran for President back in 2004. However, since then, Kerry has spent plenty of time in the spotlight by becoming a leader of the Democratic Party. This has also given millions of people the opportunity to get a glimpse of his face and decide for themselves if the surgery rumors are true.

John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before & After
 Eye Work (Blepharoplasty)

The most noticeable change that Kerry has apparently gone under over the last few years would be his eyes. As he just turned 70 this year, you would expect that he would be showing a few wrinkles around his eyes. However, those seemed to have dramatically softened or altogether disappeared as of late.

Most would suggest Botox was the procedure of choice here. It’s possible he had a facelift done, but this would seem unlikely because there would be more dramatic signs, unless he simply stayed out of the spotlight until the most noticeable signs had passed by. In any case, the area surrounding his eyes is much smoother and less severe than we’ve ever seen it.

Brow Lift

To complement the work he had done to his eyes, it appears as though Kerry had a brow lift done too. This would explain why it no longer droops like it used to, often covering over the top portion of his eyes. Having a brow lift done would also help explain why his forehead has smoothed out considerably as well.

John Kerry Before & After
 Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

The other rumor is that Kerry has had work done to his nose. Though most would argue it was never a defining feature of the politician, Before and After pictures seems to make clear that he definitely had it reduced in size and smoothed out to some degree. You can definitely tell that it was more pronounced in the past too.

It should be noted that Kerry has never confirmed such rumors about possible plastic surgery. However, this is hardly the type of question big time politicians get asked by hosts and anchors. Nonetheless, a quick analysis seems to make it clear that he has definitely been under the knife for a few touch ups.

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Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before & After – Eye & Nose Job

Julie Chen plastic surgery has swirled for years now. For one thing, she’s a woman who’s constantly in the spotlight and has been for decades. After years in the business as a news anchor, Chen began co-hosting duties on the daytime television talk show, The Talk. Rumors mainly regard the accomplished anchor’s facial features, namely her eyes and nose.

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before & After

Julie Chen Before & After

Eyes Work (Blepharoplasty)

There’s no doubting that Julie Chen has extremely captivating eyes. Certainly some of this is due to her presence behind the camera and the ability she has to engage an audience. However, rumors have spread for years that she must have had some kind of work done in order to augment that.

While it’s possible she could have done a number of different things to bring about a heightened look to her eyes, this seems unlikely. Plastic surgery around the eyes usually leaves a number of telltale signs that Ms. Chen, frankly, lacks. Plus, there is a much more straightforward explanation for why Ms. Chen’s eyes are as big and beautiful as they are.

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Ms. Chen has admitted she had a nose job done over a decade ago. According to a segment on her show, The Talk, Ms. Chen said she found herself being held back when she was in her mid-20s. At the time, Asian anchors were practically unheard of, despite the fact that this was her dream.

After talks with many in the business, she realized that her Asian facial features were actually holding her back and, namely, her nose. So she had work done to thin her nose out and tuck in her nostrils. The finished result was not only a more “mainstream” nose, but the appearance of larger eyes as well. Some additional enhancements that may be assumed probably have more to do with makeup.


Another Julie Chen surgery rumor has to do with the idea that she has had work done to her face to help eliminate the appearance of wrinkles. Many have suggested it’s Botox.

This seems unlikely though. Chen’s beauty is too subtle and most plastic surgeons would be able to tell if she had gone under the knife of needle for this kind of work.

Instead, it seems much more likely that she simply benefits from good genes and a good diet. Being behind the camera for so many years has probably taught Chen to take care of herself.

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SNSD, the “Girls Generation” Plastic Surgery Rumors

SNSD, or So Nyeo Shi Doe, is a popular South Korean all-women singing sensation that comprises nine young women, whose Anglicized names are: Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Su-Yeong, Yoona, and Seohyun. The women range in age, as of 2014, from 23 to 25 years old.

Rumor has it that some of the members of the group SNSD have had plastic surgery on various parts of their bodies. Let’s examine this theory.

SNSD Plastic Surgery - Jessica


The change in features between the before and after pictures of SNSD member Jessica appears to be the most dramatic, and therefore provides the most evidence of plastic surgery, specifically chin surgery and rhinoplasty (plastic surgery on her nose). In the before pictures, Jessica’s chin appears weak and short, and it also angles inward toward her neck. In the after pictures, her chin looks thinner, slightly longer, and decidedly stronger, making the contours of her profile more appealing and beautiful. Similarly, the thinner and less prominent nose in the after photos provides more evidence that Jessica of SNSD has had plastic surgery to enhance the subtle outline of a much smaller and cuter nose.

SNSD Plastic Surgery - Taeyeon


Like her fellow SNSD member, it also looks like Taeyon has had plastic surgery on her nose, causing it to appear more thin and sleek in the after pictures. In addition, Taeyon’s eyes appear to be slightly more round in the after photos, and some fat below her eyes has disappeared. This difference is evidence of double eyelid surgery, which gives Taeyon a more innocent and wide-eyed look than that which she has in the before pictures. With respect to Taeyon, it also seems that she may have had either lip enhancement or lip-line enhancement plastic surgery, as her lips in the after photos are more defined and luscious than they are in the before photos.

SNSD Plastic Surgery - Yoona


Another dramatic change in look is visible from Yoona’s before and after photographs. The most obvious changes are Yoona’s eyelids, jaw line, and nose. Whereas Yoona’s eyelids are almost invisible in the before photographs, and tend to disappear into her eye socket, the lids are visible, fuller, and sexier in the after pictures. Like the other members of SNSD mentioned above, Yoona seems to have had similar plastic surgery on her jaw, as her jaw is far more shapely, contoured, and noticeably less weak in her later images than it is in the earlier ones. Finally, Yoona’s nose has most likely become perkier and more adorable as the result of plastic surgery.

Other members

The remaining members of SNSD deny having had any plastic surgery, but their earlier images, when compared with their later pictures, belies evidence to support plastic surgery in the same way as Yoona, Taeyon, and Jessica. Essentially, all of the members of SNSD have similar jaw lines, small and perky noses, and sexy wide eyes, at least in their later photos.

These women are truly beautiful, and if these members of SNSD did have the plastic surgery described above, then it was done by immensely skilled and artistic plastic surgeons.

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