Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

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The Story Behind Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

There’s no doubt that Michael Jackson’s biography makes for some interesting reading, if not for the many tragic twists and turns involved. One area of his story that many people find interesting is his alleged to have gone under the surgeon’s knife. While he confirmed some surgeries did take place, Jackson always denied the number of procedures most people alleged and that photos from over the years seem to make obvious. While we may never know the whole truth behind Michael Jackson and plastic surgery, we can definitely take a look at the possible story.

What Are Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Procedures?

If we are observing his pictures, it is possible that he has had numerous plastic surgery procedures such as a nose job (Rhinoplasty), cheek implants and skin bleaching as well.

Nose Jobs (Rhinoplasty)

The only part of the Michael Jackson cosmetic enhancement chronicles the singer ever confirmed was his nose jobs. Jackson confessed to having had two of them over the course of his life. However, this was something that people found out about without his confession. Over the years, Jackson’s nose changed radically. Eventually, the result was a much thinner version that turned upwards at the tip.

According to Jackson, however, the augmentation was purely pragmatic and had nothing to do with looks. He said that his new nose gave him better access to oxygen and, thus, made it much easier to hit the high notes—something that would be important for a singer of his stature, but that has never been confirmed as a realistic supposition by any surgeon.

Michael Jackson Before & After

Other Facial Features

While a nose job could be attributed to wanting to improve his singing, other changes would be purely cosmetic. It appears as though Jackson had a cleft put in his chin, for example. He also apparently had cheek implants inserted as well. Again, taking one look at his earlier years shows an almost unrecognizable face.

Skin Color

Much has also been made about Michael Jackson’s skin color. Over the years, it changed radically as well, even more so than his nose. Jackson was African American after all and one look at the rest of his family shows they had a dark brown skin tone, not at all uncommon for that ethnicity.

However, in the mid-80s, Jackson’s skin color began to change. Gradually, it became paler and paler. Eventually, rumors spread that he must be bleaching his skin in order to turn it white. He always denied these rumors, however, and instead insisted that he was the victim of a rare skin condition. While he had been diagnosed with a skin disease called vitiligo, at least one Michael Jackson biographer has claimed this ailment could actually be the result of skin bleaching methods. It may have also been that vitiligo lightened his skin some and his attempts to even out the color with makeup only made matters worse.

We’ll never know for sure how much Michael Jackson plastic surgery rumors are actually true. Sadly, he passed away before much could ever be learned about the famous singer who eventually withdrew from public life. However, many sources close to him have claimed the singer probably received close to a dozen surgeries over the course of two years and always in a clandestine manner.

Michael Jackson's Plastic Surgeries

Whether it's classical cosmetic enhancements like a boob job or more obscure things like eyelid surgery, here is a list of all the known plastic surgeries Michael Jackson has done:

Michael Jackson - Cosmetic Procedures
Nose JobN/A
Boob JobN/A
Breast ReductionN/A
Butt ImplantsN/A
Butt LiftN/A
Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)N/A