Has Dove Cameron Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Dove Cameron Before and After Plastic Surgery

Dove Cameron is one of the hottest young stars today in movies, television, and her burgeoning singing career. Like most young stars, rumors of plastic surgery have abounded given her change of appearance over the last few years. However, are the Dove Cameron plastic surgery rumors true or is her change of appearance a natural… Read more

Has Brad Pitt Undergone Plastic Surgery After All These Years?

brad pitt plastic surgery face lift

The Oklahoma-born Brad Pitt went to Hollywood in the 1980s to pursue his dreams of stardom and managed to break through with a wonderful supporting role in 1991’s “Thelma and Louise”. From there, his career skyrocketed as he quickly progressed to an A-level superstar. Today, Pitt can choose his roles and create his own thanks… Read more

Plastic Surgery Procedures and Rumors of Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea Plastic Surgery nose job

Born Amethyst Amelia Kelly, Iggy Azalea is an Australian-born rapper who moved to America at the age of 16 and quickly forwarded her career into hip hop. Her breakthrough came on YouTube when two of her songs drew considerable notice and a record contract from Gran Hustle Records under rapper T.I. She broke into the… Read more

Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery

carla bruni cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgery has been getting its popularity across the globe. Aside from celebrities, singers, and politicians, other people have been taking advantage of cosmetic surgery like Carla Bruni. She is well-known for being an Italian singer, songwriter, and a former model. With her fervor to look more youthful, the results were considered one of cosmetic… Read more

Did Melania Trump Have Plastic Surgery?

melania trump plastic surgery procedure

Melania Trump was born on April 26, 1970. She is a famous watch and jewelry designer as well as senior model. She was already modelling before starting her own watch and jewelry designing career. She is now known to be a billionaire after marrying a professional developer of real estate, Donald Trump who is now… Read more

Donatella Versace Surgery: A Note to Everyone

Donatella Versace Cosmetic Surgery

Donatella Francesca Versace is well known in the fashion world not only for being a fashion designer, but also for being the CEO of a well-known fashion company. Aside from her mark in the fashion industry, Versace has been the center of interest because of her controversial and eye catching transformation after undergoing several surgeries… Read more

How Did Zendaya Get More Beautiful

Zendaya Rhinoplasty

A tryst with the glamor world is responsible for the transformation of most. The once’ ordinary ‘or average looking people take on a new avatar. It is also a world where most aren’t satisfied with their looks. Call it the quest to look even more beautiful or handsome or the insecurity of growing old, plastic… Read more

Did Ashley Olsen Really Have Plastic Surgery?

Ashley Olsen Plastic Surgery Before & After

Ashley Olsen, began her acting career appearing with her twin sister Mary-Kate, on the Full House sit-com when she was an infant, is now a fashion designer. Ashley, now 29 years old, along with her twin sister, Mary-Kate, through their company called Dualstar have become known as some of the wealthiest women in the entertainment… Read More

Did Amber Rose Get Butt & Breast Implants?

Amber Rose Boob Job

Is Amber Rose Plastic Surgery True? Or Just A Rumor? For the inexperienced eye, a body like the one of Amber Rose could be considered a great gift from Mother Nature. However, we all know how difficult is to keep our bodies fit. And while some celebrities spend hours at the gym, others prefer to… Read More