Kenny Loggins Plastic Surgery Before & After

Kenny Loggins Plastic Surgery

Due to numerous years transpiring since the magical decade of the 80’s, we haven’t heard a whole lot from the songster Kenny Loggins. He decided to budge the limelight a little his way recently, but unfortunately for him, it’s not in the way he would like. It seems as if Kenny Loggins plastic surgery not only took place, but it was a sheer botched gig to-boot. Let’s take a look at what some of the latest buzz surrounding Loggins is all about.

It wasn’t too far back when Loggins made a guest appearance on the hit TV series “Raising Hope” and what the TV audience shockingly saw was a man whose look has transformed quite dramatically. Everybody who watched the program knew right from the start that Loggins was the recipient of some rather hideous plastic surgery.


This simply goes beyond speculation, just by looking at his before and after pictures you can see a man who has the skin on his face completely pulled back to the tilt. His face appears very smooth and sans wrinkles, but it also looks extremely unnatural. The man is 67 years old so to show such youthful skin at such an older age is beyond anything organic.

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Kenny Loggins Plastic Surgery Before & After


Aside from his facelift, you can clearly see that he has also underwent an eyelid surgery as well. His eyes appear to be much more open than they have ever and this is especially noticeable in the eyelid region. This aspect of his surgery looks relatively acceptable.


Kenny Loggins plastic surgery was an undeniable flight into the “danger zone” and he has the scars to prove it, but you have to give the old boy a nod for the valiant attempt. He could certainly use some reversal work to be sure and if he does, he may just overcome this cosmetic disaster.

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