Candace Cameron Plastic Surgery – The Truth About The Rumors

Candace Cameron Plastic Surgery Before & After

If you’ve always wondered whether or not a Candace Cameron (one of the stars of the smash hit Full House), has ever had a bit of work done in the plastic surgery department, you are nowhere near alone.

It seems like every single year that there are new Candace Cameron plastic surgery rumors circulating, and she is one of the most popular targets for tabloids are looking to move magazines.

The actress has gone on record admitting to a handful of plastic surgery procedures, but some of the rumored procedures that she’s decided to allegedly take advantage of seem a little bit outlandish – and more than a bit far-fetched.

Here are just some of those rumors!

Nose job?

As mentioned above, we always hear about a new Candace Cameron plastic surgery story just about every six months or so – and it almost always revolves around a new nose.

For whatever reason, Candace seems like she is always photographed with a knows that happens a different shape than any other photographs that has been taken inside of the last 12 months, which has led to some pretty wild – and admittedly, unfounded – speculation.

The actress claims she’s never had any work done to her nose (outside of surgical procedures to help her breathe easier), but who could relate know for sure?

Boob job or Breast Implants?

There is also a lot of talk about Candace Cameron boob jobs being performed, but this is probably one of the silliest of all the plastic surgery rumors out there.

It doesn’t take a scientist to determine that Candace Cameron isn’t exactly working with the most “material upstairs”, and it doesn’t appear as though she’s had any work done across the years.

This is still one of those plastic surgery rumors that refuse to die out though.

Work on her chin?

The only work that can be confirmed (through photographs as well as through the actress herself) is a bit of cosmetic surgery she had performed to redefine her chin.

These kinds of procedures see to be pretty popular with a lot of Hollywood women (and men), but the changes are pretty subtle and rather difficult to pick up over the years.

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