Has Martha Hunt Had Plastic Surgery? Body Measurements and More!

Never has plastic surgery been more popular or normalized than in today’s society, especially if you are a supermodel, like Martha Hunt, where your appearance can make or break your career. Has Martha Hunt fallen for the temptation? Find out all plastic surgery facts and body measurements below.

Short Bio

Martha was born in Wilson, North Carolina. She started with runway modelling in 2007 and walked for many famous brands. But her career accelerated in 2013, when Hunt become Victoria’s Secret model. And this company chooses their models really carefully. Martha has perfect measurements and isn’t afraid to show it. In May 2014, she posed for Marie Claire. This magazine has mostly female readers but photograph David Bellereme didn’t hesitate to let Martha posed not only in see through dress but also completely naked on a beach, partially covered by blanket, but still exposed from waist up. This photo shoot is great proof of Martha’s great shape. Shows her flat toned stomach and small but firm breasts.

Martha Hunt's Plastic Surgeries

Whether it's classical cosmetic enhancements like a boob job or more obscure things like eyelid surgery, here is a list of all the known plastic surgeries Martha Hunt has done:

Martha Hunt - Cosmetic Procedures
Nose JobN/A
Boob JobNo
Breast ReductionN/A
Butt ImplantsN/A
Butt LiftN/A
Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)N/A

Plastic Surgery Pics

Check out these pictures of Martha Hunt. Is there any plastic surgery involved?

Gorgeous: Regardless of whether or not plastic surgery is involved, Martha Hunt still looks attractive.
Congratulations: Martha Hunt is looking remarkable. The supermodel looks ravishing as ever, and it's hard to say if cosmetic surgery of any kind is involved.

Quotes by Martha Hunt

"Growing up in the south, N.Y.C. always seemed like a destination to visit but not to live in."

Martha Hunt

"Stella McCartney is just the coolest show to do. I love the collection. I love the setting. All of her stuff always feels so fresh."

Martha Hunt

"It's great to have girlfriends who are in the industry, that you know have your back."

Martha Hunt

"I like to look casual yet chic. I love high fashion, vintage, and places like Zara, of course."

Martha Hunt

"I think workout clothes should be fun! I definitely don't think I have to wear all black to work out. I would say I am more minimal in my personal style... but my workout style, anything goes."

Martha Hunt